The CFA Society Emirates supports the business and professional growth of local investment professionals. Aligned with our mission, we are continually seeking volunteers to promote awareness of the CFA charter amongst the local community, key employers and the investing public; and providing opportunities for the local financial community to gather in a collegial atmosphere of knowledge sharing and networking.

All our activities in one way or another serve to build a better investment profession. In whatever way you choose to give your time to the society, you can directly help to further our mission and shape the future of the investment profession in a positive and meaningful way.

Being a volunteer is fun. You will meet a diverse group of professionals and work with them towards a set of common goals. You’ll have the opportunity to learn in depth about your society, CFA Institute, and other professional bodies.

New volunteers could for instance be involved in the following:

  • Continuing education, social event: planning and organizing the continuing education program, or social events
  • PR, social media: contribute to the development of the society’s communication regarding PR and advertising, or social media
  • Conferences: planning and organizing the annual regional conference, including assisting in the determination of the conference topics and support speaker selection
  • Candidates support: support candidates of CFA exams and assist in organization of mock exams.
  • Research Challenge: assist in the local competition of the CFA Institute Research Challenge – a competition involving student teams from universities that present research reports on a publicly traded company. Volunteer opportunities include:
    • Advising a university team: Faculty advisers provide a link between the local challenge hosts and their university; they assemble the team for their university and guide students through all levels of the competition.
    • Mentoring students: Student teams are assigned industry mentors to assist them throughout the competition. The time spent with each team is limited to six hours.
    • Grading student research reports: Report graders review, critique, and score the student teams’ research reports.
    • Judging student presentations: Judges listen to, critique, and score the student teams’ presentations. Each presentation is 10 minutes in length followed by 10 minutes of questions and answers.
    • Time keeper and master of ceremonies roles at the competition.
  • University relations: liaise with universities and business schools to present the CFA Program
  • Career outreach: lead in the driving efforts in reaching to local employers
  • Advocacy: promote CFA Institute values and to take part, in the regulatory and market place debate.

Volunteer Committees

On 5 May 2018, CFA Society Emirates had a Strategy Planning Meeting and invited members to contribute. Here is a list of the teams for 2018 – 2019. Note these teams are dynamic, more members may join but these presentations are the output from the meeting.

  1. University Outreach

2018 – 2019 CFA Society Emirates University Outreach Strategy

Please express your interest in volunteering (and location, AD or Dubai) by email