Being able to work successfully with ambiguity is increasingly cited as a critical skill in modern work places.

Ethical dilemmas are a form of work place ambiguity, readily generated by the competing priorities in finance and investment business. It is a common misconception that unethical action is an uncommon occurrence, performed by already bad people. On the contrary, ethical dilemmas are entirely commonplace occurrences, and often result in perfectly good people deciding to do questionable things – driven by psychological biases, social & organizational factors, and situational influences that can affect decision making and behavior.

Led by Sonia Gandhi, CFA, Director Ethics Education and Professional Standards at CFA Institute, this case based Ethical Decision making workshop broadly has 3 goals:

    • Encourage participants to become more conscious about their thoughts & behaviors, so that they are more likely to notice, and act upon ethical issues before they become a problem.
    • To recognize that ethical dilemmas are a normal & predictable part of most jobs.
    • To discuss & practice approaches for dealing with ethical dilemmas.

The workshop is open to members and candidates – current and aspiring Charterholders alike will find the workshop beneficial.

Register here. Limited seats available.