CFA Society Emirates would like to invite you to a presentation / short training on Accounting for Intangibles.

Who will discuss the different practices and policies employed, and explain how analysts and investors can extract relevant information from what is often a complex, confused and confusing picture. The speaker will explain how accounting for intangibles is fraught with problems, but how investors can nevertheless glean useful information from the intangible footnotes, giving a number of real life illustrations.

 Time –   6,30pm- 7,30pm

Speaker: Steve Clapham spent 20 years as an Equity Analyst at different investment banks, covering various sectors, and was a Partner and Head of Research at two multi-billion dollar hedge funds, based in London. Steve has also worked with a 5 billon+ AUM wealth management firm, picking international equities, running high return concentrated global equity portfolios and sitting on the main Investment Committee.

Steve is is the founder of Behind the Balance Sheet, an investment research consultancy, which both produces bespoke research for a small group of institutional clients, and runs training programmes for institutional equity investors.